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I-4 Epi-Fluor Semi-Plan Infinity LabScope

For users requiring a multi-purpose microscope for expanding health services, the new i4 Fluorescence Microscope.The I-4 Microscope features exceptional optical quality for top-notch performance in the laboratory. 8 Infinity Semi-Plan optics with a 30-year anti-fungal coating (on ALL lenses) match quality with value within any lab’s budget. The I-4 provides comfort, durability, dependability and superior imaging in a medical grade microscope. The reagent resistant finish will hold up well for years to come.


With integrated LED technology for both bright field and epifluorescence microscopy, the Lumin™ i4 offers superior clarity and crisp imaging—all at a price that allows even labs on a limited budget to benefit from the latest technological advances.



Binocular (Seidentopf)
Diopter adjustment
Inclined 30°, rotates full 360°
10X/18 WF Eyepieces (10X/20 Super WF High Point eyepieces available)
Interpupillary distance range 55-75mm
Reverse quadruple nosepiece allow the objectives to roll back out of the way
Multiple ball bearing mounted for years of trouble-free use
Infinity 8 Semi-Plan objectives
4X, 10X, 40XR, 100XR (oil)
50X (oil) objective available optionally
30-year Anti-fungal
Parfocal, parcentric, color-coded

Mechanical stage (140mm X 140mm)
Coaxial drive controls, metal rack & pinion
Range of traverse: 73mm x 43mm
Stage locking lever
Slow-close hydraulic slide finger

Coarse adjustment: range of 30mm
Fine adjustment: graduation of 2µm
Tension control knob

Moveable Abbe condenser, NA 1.25
Iris Diaphram
LED “daylight” long-life light source
Variable light adjustment: 0-20W output
Input 90-240V / 50-60Hz automatic switching

Lifetime on materials and workmanship
One year on electronic components


The I-4 Epi-Fluor Infinity Semi-Plan LabScope

Model I4S-EPB4-ISL3

Binocular Head

No Longer Available


Model I4S-EPT4-ISL3

Trinocular Head

No Longer Available