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LW Scientific i-101 Inverted Microscope w/Infinity Plan and Mechanical Stage, L1M-T04A-DPH3.

The LW Scientific Inverted Microscope is able to perform intricate and varied applications for vital tissue cultures. It is perfect for observation and education or for professional research in a clinical lab. Pathologists, biologists and medical researchers naturally choose this microscope. Accessories included: Green, blue and neutral filters, dust cover, immersion oil, manual and warranty card.






Head •Trinocular head
•Ideal for video/photography
•Centering eyepiece for phase objective
•EW 10X /22 extra wide field eyepieces

Nosepiece •Quintuple nosepiece

Objectives •Infinity Optical System
•Objectives: Plan 4X and 40x
•Plan Phase 10x and 20x

•Stage, 160x260mm
•Auxiliary stage, 70x180mm
•Coaxial drive controls
•Optional mechanical stage available:
•X-Y Coaxial
•Control; Range of traverse: 120x78mm

Focus •Coarse adjustment: range of 37.7mm
•Fine adjustment: 0.2mm per rotation
•Vertical objective movement

Illumination •6V/30W halogen bulb

Condenser •Abbe condenser with 20X phase



LW Scientific Inverted Trinocular



Model i-101


Price : $3,962
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