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Note : Binocular Image
LW Scientific Mi-5 Lumin Epi-Fluorescent Trinocular LabScope

.The Mi5 modular microscope was developed for use in a broad range of applications and has a great new optical enhancement. The new Mi5 Epi LUMIN ™ module allows for FITC Epi Fluorescence at a very affordable price. For users looking to rid their facilities of harmful Mercury HBO bulbs that emit UV light and upgrade from their antiquated Epi Fluorescence (EF) systems, the Mi5 Epi LUMIN ™ is the perfect solution.

With integrated LED technology for both bright field and Epi-Fluorescence microscopy, the Mi5 Epi LUMIN™ offers superior clarity and crisp imaging—all at a price that allows even labs on a limited budget to benefit from the latest technological advances.

The Lumin™ epifluorescence module converts our standard Mi5 microscope to a fully functional epifluorescence microscope. The resulting images rival those obtained from traditional, expensive epifluorescence systems.




Infinity Plan objectives
-LED provides 10,000+ hours of light
-LED “daylight” Long Life Illumination



The Mi-5 Lumin Epio-Fluor Trinocular LabScope

Model M5S-EPT5-IPL3

Has Infinity Plan Objective Lenses.

Price : 3,389
Free Shipping