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LW Scientific Revelation Dual Binocular

The Revelation Dual Binocular laboratory microscope is ideal for academic, research, and professional setting. It has titanium finished optics (Achromatic) and a 30 year anti-fungal coating. Standard halogen lighting, a mirror and attachment base are included for field use where electricity is unavailable.

Please Note:

Individual Phase Contrast Kits are available for this microscope. Each kit contains an individual Phase Contrast Objective Lens (10X, 40X, or 100X), a matching Phase Contrast Condenser and a Centering Eyepiece. Please inquire for specific pricing by email if you have an interest in any of these options.



Dual Binocular Head with eyepieces
High Quality 10x wide field oculars coated to eliminate reflection

Constructed of a rugged alloy, and finished with an acid and reagent resistant coating, with 30 year anti-fungal coating on all lenses
(Achromatic )
DIN objectives: 4x (NA .10), 10x (NA .25), 40xr (NA .65), 100xr (NA 1.25 - Oil)

Titanium finish

Parcentered and Parfocal

Built in Mechanical stage with coaxial drive controls.

Stage lock

Coarse and fine focus adjustments

A tension control knob for the coarse and fine adjustments

LED rheostat controlled illumination system

Adjustable iris diaphragm

Filter holder and two filters (blue and green)

Rack and pinion adjustable Abbe condenser (NA 1.25)


Vinyl dust cover included

Lifetime Warranty


The Revelation Dual Binocular

Model R3M-DN4A-DAL3

Has Achromatic DIN Objective Lenses   

Price : $1,395
Free Shipping