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EduCam WiFi Wireless Camera 7880c

The Ken-A-Vision 7880c EduCam is a stand-alone AND network enabled visualizer/document camera which boasts 8+ hours of operations from a 7 hour charge for total portability all self contained in the base of the unit. The easy and simple package makes it ideal for student use and classroom portability. Able to support up to 30 viewing devices such as smart phones, computers and tablets based on a network.

Cross Platform

Windows OS XP and higher
MAC OS X and higher
iOS for MAC iPads
Android tablets
iOS for MAC iPhones/iTouch
iOS for Android Smartphone

EduCam is aFree App for iOS® and Android™ Tablets and Smartphones


With Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n both direct connect and network enabled connections are available. Use it as a Stand-Alone camera with your Smartphone and tablets, or connect it to your existing network for greater control and broad-cast support. The unique broadcast algorithm guarantees crisp clear images unlike traditional streaming devices. The EduCam 7880c selects only the best images to share.





Price : $512

Free Shipping