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VideoFlex Explorer

The unique 40 inch coiled neck of the 2100 Explorer offers flexibility to form a base or wrap around objects. This one of a kind camera is great for hands free imaging or use attached to a telescope or microscope.




Lens 8mm Interchangeable C-Mount
Focal Distance 1/4" (6mm) to Infinity
Focus 1/4 Turn Quick Focus
Light Sensitivity 1.5 Lux
Lines of Resolution 450
Magnification 50:1 of Greater
Exposure Fixed Contrast
Output Signal Composite Video
Eyepiece Adapters 28mm & Built-in 34.5mm
Cable 12' (3.65m) Video
Warranty 2 Years



Flexible neck and baseless construction allows unrestricted movement and positioning
Light weight construction allows easy transportation for remote video capture
Rugged poly-carbonate materials built to last
Interchangeable lens system accommodates all c-mount lenses
1/4 turn Quick Focus
450 lines of resolution for crisp, clear images

Price : $439

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