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Ken-A-Vision Comprehensive Scope 2 Dual Purpose Scope

The Comprehensive Scope 2 line is affordable, durable and student-friendly. Ideal for entry level to advanced science courses, it comes equipped with all of our Comprehensive Scope 2 line key features, including the exclusive built-in carrying handle and a secure storage compartment for the battery charger / power cord. This dual purpose microscope combines a standard compound microscope with limited stereo microscope capability. This microscope has a unique USB charging system that allows the user to charge the cordless microscope by traditional electrical outlet or by a USB port.

New Features :

USB Compliant Charging System 5V--1A DC operation included
Separate Top Light for Viewing Large, Macro, or Opaque Specimens
Bottom Light for Standard Microscope Slides
Built-in carrying handle for easy transport
Built-in storage compartment for battery charger/power cord
Ergonomic design allows for comfort while focusing
40 hours of continuous cordless operation
Humidity and climate protection coating on optics
Aluminum single cast body



Head Monocular, Dual Opposing or Binocular, 30° incline, 360° rotatable, 1 eyepiece
Eyepiece 10× DIN Widefield
Nosepiece Reverse 4-hole
Objectives 2×, 4×, 10×, 40×S DIN Achromat
Lighting Bright and cool LED white light
Stage Floating stage with 2 spring-loaded stage clips
Size L × W × H 10” × 7” × 13" / 25.4cm × 18cm × 33cm
Weight 10.4lbs / 4.7kgs
Warranty 10 year limited


The Ken-A-Vision Dual Purpose Microscope

Model TU-19311C

Has a Monocular head   

Price : $487
Free Shipping