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LW Scientific Student PRO-LED Corded Microscope with Built-in Mechanical Stage

Taking the student scope to the next level – the Student Pro is ready for any teacher, student, or hobbyist that wants the “professional grade” in student scopes.

With our proven design the Student Pro includes many of the advanced features you would find on any laboratory quality microscope – built in mechanical stage. Heavy cast alloy, all metal gearing, moveable 1.25 ABBE condenser, and clear DIN objectives.
Get accurate, clear results on a student-friendly scope without sacrificing the quality of observation with the Student Pro.





DIN Achromatic Objectives
Glass Optics (NOT Plastic)
Parfocal, parcentered
Metal Focus Gears
Locked-in widefield eyepiece with pointer
Metal alloy base and frame construction

Inclined rotating head for viewing from any position around the table
Coaxial Coarse and Fine Focus
Iris Diaphragm
LED Corded Lighting
Slip clutch (protects focus gears from being damaged due to "over cranking")
Adaptable for Mechanical Stage (Option)
1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


The Student PRO-LED Microscope


3 objectives 4X,10X,40X, iris diaphragm, coaxial fine and coarse adjustments    

Price : $318
Free Shipping


4 objectives 4X,10X,40X,100X Oil ,
iris diaphragm, coaxial fine and coarse adjustments 

Price : $343
Free Shipping