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Swift M2250 Series Student Microscope
Suitable for teaching Elementary, Middle School and High School alike, the M2250B Series is versatile, durable and cost-effective. The M2251B offers 3 standard DIN objectives; while the M2253B is scaled down to be even more affordable. This series also offers many "student-proof" features and is covered by our "Limited Lifetime Warranty".




* Student-Proof design - eliminates the possibility of tampering or theft
* Locked-on eyepiece, objectives and stage clips
* Slip-clutch, protects against over-focusing
* Cord-hanger provide a neat and easy method of cord containment (except M2251C)
* Plastic shield protects delicate Iris diaphragm from damage
* 4XD,10XDand 40XD objective lenses with a built-in NA 0.65 condenser

* Wide Field 10X Eyepiece
* LED illumination, produces cool, white light that last up to 100,000 hours (M2251C)
* Cordless model offers 50 hours of continuous use with a single 8-hour charge (M2251C)
* “Extra Bright” fluorescent illumination with “Extra Cool” color temperature (M2251F)
* 4X, 10X, 40XR DIN objectives assure superior optical clarity



Swift M2250 Series Student Microscope

Model M2251B

Has a monocular head with a built-in 20 watt illuminator    

Price : $265
On Sale!
Plus Free Shipping

Model M2251CL

Corded LED

Price : $279
On Sale!
Plus Free Shipping

Model M2251C

Cordless , Rechargeable LED Cordless

Price : $301
On Sale!
Plus Free Shipping