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S.M.S. Optical specializes in the discounted sale of Ken-A-Vision , Swift and LW Scientific instruments to institutions and private individuals. Purchase Orders Accepted.

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Monocular MicroscopesStereo MicroscopesDigital Microscopes

Microscope Manufacturers

Ken-A-Vision Inc.
Swift Optical Instruments Inc.

LW Scientific Instruments Inc.


Product Index

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Monocular Microscopes

Prep Scopes TU-12011C, TU-12021C

Comprehensive TU-19011C(Monocular), TU-19021C(Dual Viewing) Microscopes

Comprehensive TU-19311C Dual Purpose Microscope

Core Microscopes TU-17011C and TU-17021C

M2250 Series Student Microscopes

M3600 Series Microscopes (Corded and Cordless)

M3702C-4 Microscope

LW Scientific
Student Microscopes

Cordless LED Student Microscopes

Student PRO-LED Microscopes w/ Built-in Mechanical Stage

Revelation III Microscope

Binocular Microscopes

Comprehensive Binocular Microscope TU-19031C

TU--17031C Binocular CoreScope 2

TU-19241C & TU-19243C Micro / Macro Forensic Comparison Microscopes

M3 Dual Purpose Microscopes

M3702CB-4 Binocular Microscope

M10 Series Binocular Microscopes

M10 Series Phase Contrast Binocular Microscope

M15 Series Binocular Microscopes

Swift M3-F Cordless Comparison Microscope

LW Scientific
Revelation RV30 Binocular Microscopes

Revelation RV30 Dual Binocular Head Microscopes

Mi-5 Lumin Epi-fluorescent Binocular Microscope

Mi-5 Polarizing Binocular Microscope

I-4 Binocular Microscopes ( Semi-Plan Objectives)

I-4 Binocular Microscopes ( Plan Objectives)

I-4 Epi-Fluor Binocular Microscopes ( Plan Objectives)

I-4 Epi-Fluor Binocular Microscopes (Semi- Plan Objectives)

Trinocular Microscopes

Comprehensive Trinocular Microscope TU-19041C , TU-19041CP

Comprehensive Dual Purpose TU-19341C Trinocular Microscope

M10 Series Trinocular Microscopes

M15 Series Trinocular Microscopes

Swift M3-F Cordless Comparison Microscope

LW Scientific
Revelation Trinocular RV30 Microscopes

Mi-5 Polarizing Trinocular Microscope

Mi-5 Lumin Epi-Fluorescent Trinocular Microscope

I-4 Epi-Fluor Trinocular Microscopes ( Plan Objectives)

I-4 Epi-Fluor Trinocular Microscopes (Semi- Plan Objectives)

I-4 Trinocular Microscopes ( Semi-Plan Objectives)

I-4 Trinocular Microscopes ( Plan Objectives)

i-101 Inverted Trinocular Microscope


Dual-Head Microscopes

LW Scientific
Revelation RV30-DH Microscopes


Inverted Microscopes

LW Scientific
Inverted Infinity Trinocular i-101

Stereo Microscopes

Zoom T-26001

Zoom T-26001C ( Cordless )

VisionScope 2 22000 Stereo Microscopes

VisionScope 2 22000C Stereo Microscopes ( Cordless )


SM100 Series Stereo Microscopes ( Corded and Cordless)

SM90CL Stereo Microscopes

LW Scientific

Dual Magnification Stereo Microscopes

Vision Zoom Microscopes

Digital Microscopes


Kena Digital 1050

Digital TU-19542C & TU-19542CP Monocular for PC/Windows and Mac

Digital TU-19642C & TU-19642CP Binocular for PC/Windows and Mac

Megapixel Digital TU-17541C and TU-17548C CoreScope for PC/Windows or Mac


M10DB Digital Binocular Microscopes( For MAC & PC )

M2252 DGL Digital Monocular Microscopes

M3602C- DGL Digital Monocular Microscopes

M3702C-3DGLX and M3702C-4DGLX Digital Monocular Microscopes

LW Scientific

d-VID Handheld Digital Microscope

Video Flex, FlexCam and Presentation Cameras


Autofocus Vision Viewer 7880

Flex Cam 2 Document Camera 910-171-200

Flex Cam 2 Furniture CAM 910-171-210

Fume Hood Camera 5400

Megapixel Video Flex 7200HD

Microscope Cameras (Digital and Video)

Megapixel Pupil CAM

Ceiling DocCam 910-171-066

Microprojector X-1000

School Purchase Orders
accepted from both Public and Private Schools and Institutions
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